The Link Between Porn and Yoga

DISCLAIMER: This is NO judgment against Porn Stars, the example is simply an effective vision of how powerful our minds are.

Sutra 1.9: When knowledge is gained through just words and no evidence, this is the imagination.

Imagination. Images appearing REAL in the mind’s eye-view. These images can be conjured up in the television of your mind by an event, past programming, memories, or desires. Your relationship with those images has the potential to be healthy and joyous OR convoluted and abusive. THAT is how powerful we are. We have the ability to rock our own world….right into a heaven OR hell-like state. 

Let’s say it’s a perfectly peaceful Friday evening and you have chosen to take a bath and read a book. You have the aroma therapy kickin, candles lit, and are just about to ease into the evening when ding…. you hear a text message alert and realize your partner left their phone behind. So, you pick it up to discover that someone by the name of Porn Star Pam is texting your man, asking what time they are going to meet up. You can’t call him, because his phone is WITH YOU, so what choice do you have BUT to spend the ENTIRE evening imagining in VIVID DETAIL the secret porn star affair that MUST have been going on for months now!?! It’s all starting to add up, the missing cash, the overtime, the lack of intimacy…….HOW could you have been so naive?!? He is SO clearly leaving you to propose to Pam any day now….and there it goes…POOF!…your ten year relationship, up in flames, in a matter of one text and five hours of X rated material scripted and directed by YOU, played out in the movie theatre of your mind.

Now let’s just say, you DO have a choice and INSTEAD of demonizing your man and writing a porn script in your mind; you choose to ENJOY your night ANYWAY, because NOTHING is going to stand in the way of you, your bath, and your book, and most definitely NOT Porn Star Pam! So you relax into your lavender scented water and BOOM…you receive a download, the subject of your book of which you have been dreaming of writing is divinely delivered to you right there in your bubble bath; the chapters are literally outlining themselves in vivid detail. HOLY MOLY, you are now seeing yourself on the top of New York Times Best Selling Author list and basically receiving the phone call to set up the interview date with Oprah.

That’s how powerful our minds ARE, we can use them to hang out with Porn Star Pam OR Oprah. We get to choose the vibration we experience based on the thoughts we ALLOW into our kingdom. This certainly does not mean that Porn Star Pam is not going to knock on the door, ring the bell, hell, she might even swim across the mote every now and again, BUT and this is a major BUTT (obviously because she is a Porn Star) we do NOT have to allow her in, offer her the GRAND SUITE and throw a royal ball in her honor. 

Every time she knocks we have the POWER to wave, smile, and let her know that the castle is at max capacity and politely decline her company. We HAVE the POWER to write our own guest list which very well might include Oprah, Obama, Jesus, Martin Luther, Hulk Hogan, Elvis, and anyone else you might fancy….alive, dead, or not yet born!

Let us not IMAGINE-A-NATION in despair, violence, and poverty. Let us be the ones to INGAGINE-A-NATION WITH the boldness to proclaim RADICAL SELF LOVE and RADICAL SELF RESPONSIBILITY. Let us be the ones to re-write, re-frame, and re-wire the system that has fallen into CYNICISM, SARCASM, and PESSIMISM, into one that vibrates on TRUST, OPTIMISM, and ASPIRATION. 

That might sound like a tall order, but it ALL starts with YOU and YOUR MIND…with Friday night, with a sketchy text message, a boss’s crude remark, a family members’ opinion, or anything else that might spiral your imagination into writing a horror flick. You can play out the comedy, the drama, the horror, the action, the adventure, or the fantasy. Our imagination holds the power to TRANSCEND and to TRANSFORM….it just depends on whether you CHOOSE to be the VICTIM or the VICTOR.

PS: Life quickly turns into a comedy when you find out it wasn’t Porn Star Pam, it was ‘Ford Car Dan’ and voice translator messed it up…. he was ACTUALLY buying you a new car!

Start to include time for imagination in your daily Meditation practice.

If you need more tips or specific practices on HOW to do this, please reach out.

Your inherent nature is that of a creator….for you are creation ITSELF. Empower yourself to create the life of your dreams.

So much love to you my friends,

Andrea Dawn

Andrea Behler