Is Your mind Being Poisoned by Your Friends and Family?

Sutra 1.8: Misperception occurs when knowledge of something is not based on its true form.

Webster defines knowledge as: facts, information, and skills acquired by a person through experience. So information MUST be EXPERIENCED to become knowledge. If information is on one side of the river and knowledge is on the other, INTEGRATION would be the bridge one must walk before something that SOUNDS true can actually BE true. So to be on the other side of the bridge, you quite literally have to walk there…you can’t just THINK about walking there, or TELL your employee to walk there, or DREAM about walking there or WATCH a Netflix documentary about walking there. You, yourself HAVE to walk there. It’s like ‘GOOGLING’ “inspirational quotes” reading them, maybe even posting a few on your social media accounts and then believing you have acquired that wisdom and from this point forward you will simply, “think positive, love yourself fully, and let it go.” Don’t get me wrong, I’m ALL about quotes and inspiration, BUT….what if we started quoting ourselves?!?….because then, the wisdom would be coming from this place of YOUR direct life experience.

I have heard the “money is simply an exchange of energy” wisdom for years now, however, it ONLY just integrated a few months back. This has changed my ENTIRE relationship with money and I can now say without shame or guilt, that MONEY IS AWESOME! Money itself is NOT the root of all evil, but the misunderstanding and misperception of it sure does cause a lot of “icky sticky” situations and behaviors! 

Here’s the dangerous part, our body IS going to react to these misperceptions AS IF THEY WERE REAL. The sutras give the example of a coiled rope in a dark room; when the man or woman first enters the room, he or she shrieks in FEAR because they BELIEVE it is a snake and so the body and mind react to that FEAR in a very real way. Maybe that is why MOST AMERICANS are sick, overweight, and unhappy….because we are listening to what one neighbor is saying about another neighbor, what the TV says about crime & politics, what Facebook says about our Friday nights, and what our father is saying about the “good ol’ days.” None of this do we KNOW to be true. We are digesting A LOT of garbage and then wondering WHY we don’t feel good, WHY we are confused, and WHY our lives are filled with fear and doubt. Rather than turn the light on and SEE that the snake is REALLY a rope, we so often run out of the room, announce to EVERYONE that there is a room full of snakes, and before you know it, the room not only has snakes but, tarantulas, wearwolves, AND vampires!

I would suggest that there are MORE people standing in a huddle TALKING about crossing the bridge, than DARING to walk the walk across the bridge. When we cross the bridge it means that we STOP listening to EVERYONE ELSE’s stories and opinions and START FORMING our own, based on the direct experience of each step that we take across the bridge. So the next time you are listening to a story about Bobby hooking up with Mary on a drunk Friday night; ask yourself: Is this information true, does it matter to me, and does it add to the quality of my moment? 

So your relationship with Bobby or with the TV or with Facebook is MORE about where you are WILLING to offer your VERY PRECIOUS and LIMITED energy. The bar of your INTEGRITY and your INTENTION can be the compass of which you use to navigate your course. So if your Bestie is wasted EVERY Saturday night and calling you crying EVERY Sunday morning because she is the Mary to Bobby’s Friday night….is she REALLY your bestie? Are you allowing this kind of energy to encompass you? Because I would imagine that YOUR bestie is someone who challenges you, SEES you, and inspires you. And I’m not telling you to dump Mary, but I am suggesting that WE ARE THE GATEKEEPERS TO OUR OWN ENERGY FIELDS, we can hang out in the huddle, OR we can walk across the bridge and meet with those who are digging beneath the topsoil of misperception to get to the Roots of the truth.

Which side of the bridge do you want to be on?

Maybe today is the day you take the first step.

As always, I appreciate YOU and your engagement.

It’s certainly not easy to choose new tribemates but I promise you it’s WORTH IT.

Surround yourself with the people who are living in alignment with their hearts and dreams.

All my love,

Andrea Dawn

Andrea Behler