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Welcome to AfterDawn

life coach- yoga instructor-jewelry DESIGNER

i empower you to wake up to the life of your dreams





Andrea Dawn is the beautiful soul creator behind AfterDawn; a Coaching/Yoga/Jewelry brand that empowers YOU to wake up to your life, your POWER, and your INFINITE POTENTIAL. After the Dawn there is light and once you see the light, you can't “unsee” it! Andrea has dedicated her life to helping women remember their own light by removing old beliefs, patterns, and habits so that they can design and live the life of their dreams. She does this through individual and group life coaching, teaching yoga, and through intention infused jewelry pieces. Andrea blesses all of her jewelry though mantra, prayer, and ceremony. “By breaking down esoteric yoga philosophy and weaving it into everyday language, tools, and techniques, I empower YOU to live in alignment; to step into the SUPER POWER of being YOU.”


My Story


I taught elementary school for almost a decade and it was amazing. Truly. Yet I could see a passion in one of my fellow teachers that I did not feel in myself. "And the time came, when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful, then the risk it took to blossom."- Anais Nin.



"Andrea's approach to yoga is healing and intuitive. She has a very gentle demeanor that makes even the novice yogi feel special and confident.  Her flows lead the body through a strengthening physical journey, while calming the mind into a state of surrender and ease, encouraging self transformation. Andrea is authentic, her non judging, and unconditional love holds space for every being to embrace their full power. I always leave Andreas class feeling more like myself,  fulfilled, and alive. Andrea is a gift that all of humanity should receive."