What is yoga?



Yoga is arriving, it is waking up whole heartedly to life.  It is showing up to each moment with grace, honesty, compassion, and enthusiasm.  Yoga is seeing yourself and your ways of being, free of judgment and full of love - it is the consistent cultivation of self realization that will allow you to experience the LOVE that YOUR ARE.


What is yoga to me?

Yoga is a way of life, it’s holding myself accountable to consistently grow, to see truth, to see my stuff, my blockages and all that is holding me back.  But it is also seeing my good, my incredible beauty, my inherent goodness, my divine light, the light that is me without me having to do anything!  So yoga then, is seeing myself clearly, without judgement, and in that seeing, yoga becomes a tool, a tool of change.  An ability to change those ways of being that are not serving my highest purpose or self.  A tool to change the habits that are causing my own suffering. 

“Yoga is a practice, not a perfect….it is a reminder that I am ENOUGH, that my birthright as a human being =

Yoga is like my road map to help guide me when I am lost, it presents the landmarks, the exit signs, and the on ramps.  Yoga is like a parent, to comfort me when I am scared or lost or angry.  Yoga is a connection to myself, to integrating all that is me, and then teaching me how to FEEL all that is me; it is the permission and guidance to FEEL.  Yoga is a practice, not a perfect….it is a reminder that I am ENOUGH, that my birthright as a human being = I AM ENOUGH.  It is the ice pick to chip away the layers.  Is my question WHY? And that question ultimately leads to an answer, and that answer is my purpose, and that purpose is why I am here, on this earth.  That purpose is to love, to love myself, to inspire others to love themselves, and then in return, we all can love each other, free of expectations.  Yoga is my friend who reminds me that I am ok, that I am always going to be ok, that worry and shame and regret and fear, are all just what they are…..and they are not me.

I am me.

I am.

And so it is….

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