What You May Be Doing to Cause a Sleep Disorder

Sutra 1.10: That mental modification supported by the cognition of nothingness is sleep

What if the QUALITY of our SLEEP was an indication of the QUALITY of our WAKING STATE?

If our state-of-being during the waking hours is calm, assured, clear, focused, and even joyful, then maybe our sleep would follow suit. And if our waking state is anxious, stressed, depressed, and unhappy then we may suffer from insomnia, nightmares, restless leg syndrome, or constantly waking up throughout the night.

**(I am not claiming this is the SOLE reason for sleep disorders, just that it may be a factor, at least it is for me personally)

THOUGHTS BLEED and BREED...they bleed right into the way that we FEEL, the way that we behave, the choices that we make, the way in which we perceive the world, and into our ability to rest our minds. Then thoughts BREED, they breed those feelings, behaviors, and choices right into the momentum that creates your desired reality OR away from your desired reality....when your thoughts are of superior quality, you sleep better, causing you to feel more rested, causing the quality of your life to continue on this upward spiral of ascension. So, when your thoughts are shit, unmonitored, unruly, and taking hiatus at a frat party, your life FEELS like a frat party, high and low, loud and unpredictable, rowdy and uncontrollable!

If you want to sleep BETTER? Then you must be awake BETTER. How do you be awake BETTER? You CHOOSE to notice what kind of thoughts make you FEEL GOOD and what kind of thoughts make you FEEL anything other than GOOD. This noticing is unique to YOU. It has nothing to do with what your bestie tells you feels good for her, or what your parents have told you “should” feel good, or what the ‘past you’ has BELIEVED felt good, or EVEN what your yoga instructor tells you feels good....don’t you love it when an instructor is like....”awwww...yes, king pigeon this feels sooooo good”.....and you are over here like,....”yeah, nope....sitting indian style doesn’t feel good, pigeon feels like SOMETHING….but it sure as hell is NOT GOOD.” That’s what I want you to tune into, what FEELS good for YOU? And let’s be clear about what feeling “GOOD” or feeling “HAPPY” is, because I don’t mean numb, or drunk or high, or full, or jacked up on coffee or Red Bull. I mean GOOD, like satisfaction coming from WITHIN YOU, it feels like clarity, like truth, like ease, like balance, like NOT struggling, like that soft smile. Maybe you notice it when you are looking into the eyes of your child or your pet, or when you appreciate a sunset, or when you feel the salt water touch your skin.

These fleeting moments that we take for granted and often tend to pass up so that we can get back to FOCUSING on what REALLY matters.... on FEELING BAD, on what ISN’T good enough, on what we NEED more of, on our LACK of money, the relationship we DON’T have, or on the house we are NOT living in.

What if you made a list, a simple 2 column list, labeled GOOD and NOT SO GOOD.....and you compiled one days’ worth of thoughts....which column would receive more checks? My guess is the winning column will dominate the way that you FEEL, MOST of the time. And no, I am NOT suggesting that negative thoughts are going to STOP coming, or that we should judge ourselves when they DO come; but I am suggesting that whichever thoughts we CHOOSE to spend more time with, will ABSOLUTELY change the way we experience the world, the way that we sleep, and ultimately the way we FEEL about ourselves. It’s like choosing to spend your time at the frat party or the spa....you can choose the quick fix of a keg stand, or the ease of a full body massage with hot stones and aroma therapy.

We may not be able to choose every circumstance that comes our way, BUT the LESS we hang with the Frat Boys, the LESS hangovers we will HAVE to endure, and the MORE we CHOOSE the spa, the MORE massages we will GET to receive.
START TODAY. Choose to spend your day PLAYING with the “I get to’s” rather than moping around with the “I have to’s.”

I believe that LIFE wants us to be HAPPY, to FEEL GOOD, to vibrate from a place of LOVE and not FEAR.

I believe that what YOU believe plays a MAJOR role in the way that you experience the experience of LIFE.

And I believe YOU GET TO wake up and CHOOSE every single day of your life.

If you are struggling, if you need help finding a place to start, please reach out. I would be honored to support you in your journey to FEELING GOOD NOW.

Love Y’all…..

Andrea Dawn

Andrea Behler