Does Your Family NOT Understand YOU? Here's What You Can Do About It

Sutra 1.11: Memory is the recollection of experienced objects

Memories: if you are ALIVE, you have them. It’s what you CHOOSE to do with them that will contribute to either your MAGNIFICENCE or your MEDIOCRITY.

What stories do you most often tell? Are you re-living your PAIN or your PLEASURE? If we can begin to recognize ourselves as VIBRATIONAL, FEELING beings…meaning: the FEELINGS we FEEL are an indication of the vibration or frequency we are emitting, thus the quality of our lives; than we GET to play a HUGE role in whether we ENJOY our lives or DESTROY our lives. 

Every day, every moment, we GET TO choose the story of our life. However, if we do NOT CHOOSE to write our OWN story, if we sit back and allow OUR story to be told over and over again by disfigured, distorted memories, than we literally set the stage for our lives to CONTINUE to LOOK and FEEL distorted and disfigured. By re-telling and re-living our past, we booby trap ourselves into making it not only our present, but we are calling it forth to be our future as well!

For the longest time, like up until a couple months ago, I told the story of: the misunderstood, black sheep, daughter who was NEVER accepted by my father; I would talk about how he didn't support my decision to be a full time yoga instructor, how he called what I did a hobby and how he just didn't understand the IMPORTANCE of all that is YOGA. I played the victim and ALLOWED myself to BE a character in HIS STORY. And then….he got sick, like diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer sick. And honestly, it took the fact that he had just months left to live for me to FINALLY realize that: if I wanted to step out of the role of the VICTIM and into the role of VICTOR, I needed to be the one who WROTE MY OWN STORY! By recounting this same tired story to EVERYONE I met, I WAS the one perpetuating this story forward, NOT him. I WAS the one fueling its momentum into my current reality. I WAS the one hauling “not good enough” around with me, into each and every day of my life. So without ME telling it, without ME supporting it, without ME playing the star role, the story could NOT exist. If I no longer subscribed to “not good enough,” than I could finally BE GOOD ENOUGH! Because by my OWN beliefs about LIFE and WORK and PURPOSE and the integration of the three AS the main ingredient to happiness; BY my OWN standards then, I am MASSIVELY SUCCESSFUL. And THAT is to be CELEBRATED! 

So what if YOU could walk into every day like its a celebration? What if YOU created a set of standards, independent of your loved ones beliefs, and you lived your life (because it is YOUR life) in adherence to YOUR OWN set of standards? What if you decided NOT to be a character in anyone else’s story? What if today was the day you started remembering a story you really knew all along; the story of the day you reclaimed your power and became the AUTHOR of YOUR OWN BEST SELLING NOVEL.

At the end of the day, my dad’s misunderstanding made my OWN understanding that much more clear and focused. My dad’s misinterpretation equipped me with the determination, persistence, and drive to be the BEST DAMN yoga teacher I can be EVERY SINGLE CLASS I TEACH. So what story do I choose to recount today: My dad is my HERO; he was ABSOLUTELY the catalyst for me having the PASSION and the PURPOSE that make my life the celebration it is today. He, without knowing it (or maybe he did know it!), helped me to CREATE my OWN STANDARDS and my OWN BELIEFS about what SUCCESS could look and feel like.

What does SUCCESS mean to YOU? Get clear about it, write it out down, see where you are in alignment and where you are NOT; see what memories and what stories need to die with savasana TODAY. What empowering story will you step into as you walk out of those doors, back into the EPIC CELEBRATION as the living creation of your very OWN set of STANDARDS?!?

Cue the music…”Celebrate good times…c’mon…it’s a celebration…”

As always, I’m so honored that you have chosen to gift my thoughts your time. I sincerely hope you will find them of inspiration and benefit. Remember: the contrast of your life offers you 2 choices; you gain clarity or chaos…the chose is always yours.

Blessings my friend,

Andrea Dawn

Andrea Behler