The KEY to Unlocking Your Personal POWER

Perspective can IMPRISON you or EMPOWER you depending upon how you perceive your perspective!

Two people attend the same play and one walks away ENAMORED, the other ENRAGED. One ENAMORED with the talent, the singing and dancing, the costumes and choreography, while the other, ENRAGED at a clearly biased storyline, uncomfortable seats, and a never ending line for a scarce 2 stall bathroom.

It reminds me of that movie, Honey I SHRUNK the Kids, where we receive the gift of seeing the world from an ants eye view. The backyard suddenly becomes the adventure of a lifetime! Perspective, as discussed in ART 101 must account for height, width, and depth. It is all too often that I will stand directly in front of an experience, thinking I see how high it is, or how wide it is, but TOTALLY forget about the depth! For the depth, requires me to expand outside of MY OWN experience and peer into somebody else’s. 

Now considering we have all been exposed to an infinite number of differences; how can I possibly wear the lenses of all of humanities’ perspectives?! Very simply. I CAN’T. So maybe it becomes LESS about THINKING and MORE about FEELING. My brain is incapable of imagining a mans perspective who fought in World War II or a mum’s perspective who lost a child, or a Tawaiinese’s perspective on America, or a Hutu’s perspective on a Tutsis. BUT my HEART IS CAPABLE of connecting to that man, to that mum, to the Tawaiinese, and to the Hutu. 

So rather than FORCE perspective from a THOUGHT based place, perspective can simply be FREED from a HEART based place (which is unlimited and infinite connected to all of humankind and creation).

But HOW? HOW do we EMPOWER our perspective from the heart? We OPEN it! We FREE it from the prison of our internal negotiations, weighed down with our own personal experiences, complaints, and objections.

Here are just a few suggestions:
1. Eye Gaze (recruit a friend or stranger, put your timer on, and for one minute, look into that persons eyes, no speaking allowed.)

2. Be with nature (swim in the ocean, put your feet in the sand, skip rocks on a lake, or make an appointment with the sunset free of your i-phone)

3. Hug (hug someone so fiercely that your bellies touch and then sink up your breath with theirs for at least five breaths)

4. Play (do something super silly and LAUGH, how bout a game of Twister?)

5. Create (make something, whether it’s a new dish using foreign spices, a painting, a yoga posture, a dance sequence, a rock garden….ANYTHING!)

While these offerings sound quite simple, actually doing them is quite challenging. Doing them means that we STOP believing our house IS the WORLD; it means we open the front door instead of the bedroom door. It means we step outside into the wide open PERSPECTIVE that cannot be FORMULATED in your brain, but ONLY FELT in your heart.

Will you actually go try one of these things? The only way to change is CHANGE! You have to do something different to FEEL something different! What will you commit to today?

As always, I am honored and blessed to connect and share with you. I feel so grateful that you would take the time to engage and open your heart and mind to connect with my thoughts.


Andrea Dawn

Andrea Behler