Do You Want Direct Access to SOURCE?

I’m sure you’ve heard enough statistics as to WHY sunshine is imperative to our health but have you ever REALLY considered the sun in all of its grandeur?? Perched on its’ throne in the ultimate place of power, with all of the planets revolving around it, the center of our solar system! 

DAILY, the sun puts on an epic performance of rising in the am and setting in the pm providing us with endless opportunities to reflect upon our alignment with our passions and purpose. Just recently, I read an impactful metaphor, comparing our OWN HEART to the sun and the profound likeness our human form takes on, as a reflection of the universe at large. 

You will often hear yoga instructors offer a dristi, or place to focus your gaze, most of the asana (physical) postures have a recommended dristi, which usually serves as a center of cultivating concentration or sensory withdrawal as a method of moving awareness inward. 

So what if we made the ULTIMATE dristi, our own heart? What if we tended to the heart as the focal point of our ENTIRE life, the sun to our own solar system? We could consider the planets, our organs, who all revolve around the health and vitality of our heart/sun. And of course, this requires us to fuel it with healthy whole foods, BUT I would like to dive EVEN deeper into what I will term “HEART ASANA.” 

We practice our asana on the mat to keep our bodies strong and free of pain, but what daily practices are we engaging in to keep our heart/suns burning with the heat, vitality, and intensity REQUIRED to fuel the entire solar system of our beings, which would include our relationships, our thought forms, our ability to experience joy, and our commitment to being the highest version of ourselves?!

So often these ESSENTIAL practices get thrown to the wayside, categorized as: non-essential or even as luxury activities (insert emoji with the horrified face). It’s as if we got stuck on OPPOSITE DAY back in grade school!!  We have somehow made all of the non-important things the MOST important things… it has somehow become MORE IMPORTANT to work than to live, MORE IMPORTANT to quantify than to qualify, and MORE IMPORTANT to BE seen than to see.

When we recognize that the heart is at the VERY center of our universe, we realize we don't have time NOT to meditate or hug or eye gaze or laugh or have a dance party or read books or pray or sing mantra! Because if we skip out on fueling the heart, HOW can it send out health and vitality to the pancreas or the colon? HOW can it oxygenate the blood with purity and flow? HOW can it help the brain cultivate positive, helpful ways of forming thoughts? It CAN’T!!! So the root of most our problems is NOT that we don’t have ENOUGH TIME, it’s that we ARE NOT PRIORITIZING our heart/sun in the time that we DO have. 

It feels scary, to change, to leave work early because the sunset is MORE important, to trust that by working LESS and playing MORE is the TRUE path to abundance. Your heart/sun is your SOURCE. So your connection to your SOURCE is EVERYTHING. When we are willing to offer our SOURCE the throne it deserves, to celebrate it in all its glory; our lives will explode with manifestations of appreciation beyond our wildest imagination. 

May you commit to your heart/sun today. Make a date with the sunset, have your assistant block it off in your calendar, no calls allowed.

May you commit to your heart/sun as your illuminated guru, beyond all time and space, ready and willing to align with the heart/sun of the universe.


Andrea Dawn

Andrea Behler