Are you SELFISH? Enough?


What does that mean anyway? And who is calling you it? Or has called you SELFISH in the past? If they are calling you selfish because you are NOT doing what THEY want you to do, wouldn’t that make THEM selfish?…. For them to think it’s MORE important that YOU do what THEY want vs. YOU doing what YOU want?!?

What if we became BOLDLY SELFISH?! So Bold that we changed SELFISH to SELF FIRST. 

Because who is the FIRST person you awaken to? Who is the person you will spend the REST of your life with? Who is the person you have DIRECT access to at all moments in time? YOU…thats who! You have the opportunity to cultivate the most epic, kind, loving, human that you wish the WHOLE world could be with your OWN SELF. So what if we took such excellent care of ourself, that instead of just being alive, we THRIVE?! 

Let us examine this in terms of investments. Very simply stated we have a choice of WHERE we PAY our ATTENTION…so the PAYMENT is the ATTENTION; the INVESTMENT is your ENERGY. The most valuable resource that we have is our energy, so where we choose to invest it is going to either make us wealthy or poor. 

When it becomes a priority for us to do ALL of the things that make us feel ALIVE and HEALTHY, we inevitably FEEL more happy, and when we FEEL more happy, we are nicer, more kind, more understanding, and more willing to give….BUT when we feel tired, and overworked, and our bodies hurt, and our brains are filled with unhelpful dialogue….we tend to be short tempered, distracted, and unwilling to forgive the person who just cut us off in traffic OR we become EXTREMELY annoyed by the person who has 20 items in the 10 & under Express Lane at Publix, OR agitated at that self-righteous jerk who thinks he or she has the right to get off the airplane BEFORE us, even though they were 5 rows behind! 

When we are UNCARED for, because we put ourself second or third or one hundredth…because we said YES, when we actually meant NO or because we are working a job we hate, or because we ate McDonalds for lunch all week; we will find ourselves actually LOOKING for reasons to be offended, instead of LOOKING for reasons NOT to be….

Like what if that crazy driver who cut us off was in a panic trying to get to the hospital to see their child being born, OR that person in the express lane at Publix….their mother-in-law showed up unexpectedly, and NOW they have to prepare an in-prompt-to dinner for the worlds pickiest eater, OR that person trying to get off the air plane has a connecting flight to see their first-born graduate.

So let us ask ourselves….”Did I spend my day, my time, my energy, my most valuable resource on Earth, COMPLEMENTING or COMPLAINING? UNDERSTANDING or UNDERCUTTING? LOVING or LABELING? And does this correlate to the amount of care I have given to myself today?”

I is the roman numeral ONE, so if I am THE ONE, then, I AM my own contribution to the collective ONE of humanity. I AM my own Masterpiece. I AM my own investment to the evolution of the consciousness of humanity!

Thank you so much for taking the time to EXPLORE my perspective. May it contribute to the highest level of your own perspective. May it remind you of just how IMPORTANT you are. May it remind you that: YOUR LIFE MATTERS because YOU MATTER.


Andrea Dawn

Andrea Behler