Are YOU really a YOGI?

This past weekend my internet went down, so I did the ONLY logical thing one would do, and searched for other nearby networks I could hop on. I tried Grandyslam, and It hurts when IP, and Martin Router King, and Bill wi the science fi, BUT they were ALL password protected! When the gentleman from WOW finally arrived and rebooted my system (2 days later mind you, this is definitely NOT a shout out for WOW), he asked me what I wanted my network name to be? And as I sat there, annoyingly indecisive, contemplating names like:Yoga Queen or Spiritual Gangster, I came to the realization that it TOTALLY does NOT matter….AT ALL. That I had no idea who Martin Router King was and whether or not he actually exuded peace, or humor, or marched for human rights OR if, Bill Wi was a science genius who likes to blow things up in his basement! So to call myself a YOGI or SPIRITUAL GANGSTER or a GYPSY or a HIPPIE (and here’s where you can substitute your own labels), does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for me, except stunt me, limit me, and bind me to a multitude of definitions that OTHER people have made up.

Let us un-define ourselves so we can DIVINE ourselves.

Labels are limiting and WE are infinite! That’s not some hippie dippie, whoo whoo shit, that’s science! We are composed of cells, composed of molecules, composed of atoms, composed of particles, composed of subatomic particles, composed of ENERGY….and ENERGY cannot be destroyed. So…to wrap myself in all of these LIMITING labels and FINITE definitions goes against the very nature of the fabric of my being, which is ENDLESS, LIMITLESS, and UNDEFINABLE.

What are the labels you use to define yourself? Are they SERVING you or STUNTING you? Are they swaddling you in a nice comfortable blanket that keeps you from exploring your infinite expansion? Or, maybe, they are past, wrapped around you so insanely tight that you are like a mummy walking around in complete misery, believing ‘beliefs’ that are ONLY TRUE because you are choosing to believe them! 

WE can transcend our mindset. We can RESET, REASSIGN, and ALIGN with our DIVINE spirit. For to be INSPIRED is to be ‘in spirit.’ It’s kinda like “rebooting” your system and reconnecting…It’s burning the OLD, OUTDATED contract and writing a new one, daily….one that makes NO mention of what you are AGAINST and ONLY acknowledges what you are FOR, it disregards who you WERE and accounts ONLY for who you ARE and who you ARE TO BECOME. The best part: the ONLY signature required…is your own! 

From this point forward you don’t have to identify with ANYTHING or you can identify with EVERYTHING. You can see yourself in EVERYONE and EVERYTHING, because the Divine isn’t some big man in the sky with a white beard pointing his finger down at you, the Divine is the Energy of which your are composed! The DIVINE, my dear one, is YOU. And THIS is your official invitation to CONNECT to the network of ALL networks, one that cannot be named, but one whose signal ALWAYS has full bars.

My messages are never meant to be a TELLING, but a jumping off point for contemplation. I’m blessed and honored to have had your attention.


Andrea Dawn

Andrea Behler