Are YOU Are Blocking Your Own Abundance?

The Art of Receiving 101

….it should have been on the curriculum starting in pre-school. 

Do you ever notice we have no idea what to do with ourselves when we are presented with a compliment? Or at least I didn’t. The moment someone would offer me a kind word, I would basically ignore it, or downplay it, or IMMEDIATELY sling one back to get the attention OFF of myself. 

Does something like this exchange sound familiar: 

Another girl to me: “Girl, you look smoking!….Those leggings are badass!” 

Me: “Oh, these ratty old things….I only paid 20 bucks for them…but YOU, you hair, OMGoddess, its fabulous, and that tank, look at your shoulders, wow….holy chaturanga!”

Not only would I, NOT take the time to be SEEN and LOVED, I would also NOT appreciate, the seer, for seeing me. I would essentially tell them that they are WRONG, that I don’t ACTUALLY have the beautiful quality that they are acknowledging, AND…. then I would expect them to take mycomeback compliment” with sincerity! Directly after, I just dismissed their kindness with a response that was nothing short of RUDE and CRUDE.

Now, let me tell you what I am GOOD at: RECEIVING CRITICISM. Let’s just say out of every 50 compliments I receive, I also get one complaint…..oh, you better believe I know how to sit with that, drown in it, think about it non-stop for a week and ALLOW it shape the way I THINK and FEEL about myself. And that’s not enough…..I will go out and buy a steel safe for my complaint, with a combination! I will let that baby fester for the next fifteen or so years, making sure to check on it at least once a week! 

Why is it that we are ready to bet the quality of our lives on the 1 out of 50 vs the 49 out of 50?! Why is it that we so desperately want to be seen, but when we are, we discard it like last night’s take out container?!

This is your invitation to begin receiving. To STOP when you are given a compliment, look into your complimentors' eyes and say, “I receive that, I receive that with so much love and gratitude that I am going to actually pause our conversation so that I can allow it to sink into my consciousness. I am going to receive that so FULLY that the next time I receive a complaint, my cup will be so overflowing with LOVE, that the love will gobble the complaint right up.” 

Consider your heart: the guest of honor, and your compliments: your teammates, who have come to escort you to the head of the table. And YES, you GET to be the head of YOUR OWN table, just like Kelly gets to be the head of hers, and Kirsty the head of hers and Jacob the head of his. Being the head of YOUR table doesn’t mean that anyone else is any LESS the head of their own table. In fact, it is your DUTY to be the head of your own table, for when you disappear, when you shrink away into the corner, fumbling around with the combination to your safe of complaints, afraid to be seen, dinner becomes chaos! The vegans are being served meat, the utensils are missing, and the salt has completely lost the pepper! 

MASTER the art of receiving, for the RECEPTION is in your HONOR.

The Universe has it all lined up for you….open your mind and heart to your desires.

May you know your worthiness, that abundance and freedom are your birthright.


Andrea Dawn

Andrea Behler