WANTING is a GOOD Thing!

WANTNG IS A TRICKY BITCH…. but here’s the catch, after some examination….I totally WANT to be friends with her. 

TRICK #1: Believing that WANTING is “bad.” Spirituality, religion, or maybe Mom & Dad have taught us that “to want” is selfish. Our wants and desires are considered ugly and a total digression of evolution, far from the path of enlightenment.

Do you ever find yourself justifying WHY you want what you want?. I will often hear myself word vomiting about WHY I WANT something or justifying WHY it’s OK for me to HAVE “that something.” As if that person’s approval is my ‘golden ticket’ to actually enjoying the HERSHEY bar.

What if we considered WANTING a “GOOD” thing, a helpful indicator towards fulfillment? Maybe “the WANT” is simply asking us to go a step further and ask WHY

WHY do we want what we want? 

What do we believe the”‘getting of it” will bring to us? 

When I move out of this shitty apartment and into my new house, I’ll be happy…”

“When I kick this 9-5 to the curb and start my own business, I will be free; when I Iose 10lbs, I will love myself.” 

“When I find the man of my dreams, I will feel worthy.” 

Every single one of those WANTS is actually a FEELING disguised as a WANT (tricky bitch, I told you!). To FEEL happy, free, loved, and worthy are ALL feelings! We WANT….because we believe that in the, having of something, we will FEEL different than what we are currently feeling….so what we REALLY WANT, actually has nothing to do with the house, the job, or the relationship and EVERYTHING to do with the FEELING.

TRICK NUMBER #2: WANTING causes us to focus on what we do NOT have. In the WANTING, we get all tangled up, turned around, and backwards. We end up using our laser beam, super power of FOCUS and aim it right past what we ACTUALLY want, and deeper into what we do NOT want. It’s kinda like hunting through a bag of jelly beans and pulling out all the yellow ones, even though you actually LOVE the purple ones, because you think getting rid of the yellow ones is MORE important than focusing on the purple ones…. so now your sitting there with a handful of yellow jelly beans complaining about HOW many of them there are, all the while, hating on those lucky bastards who picked out the purple ones! Their parents must own the jelly bean factory or something! (notice the excuses we use when we see OTHER people have what WE want).

TRICK #3: WANTING will stop WHEN we get what we WANT. And this is the biggest trick of them ALL! Because we believe that WANTING is “bad,” we want, WANTING to cease. BUT, if we reassign “goodness” to WANTING, we can STOP feeling icky about it and use it as our flashlight in the night, to illuminate and clarify how we WANT to FEEL. We can befriend WANTING and allow her to guide us into the vibrational match of the FEELING we want of which ALREADY exists in our lives. The WANTING of the car and the house is the FEELING of ABUNDANCE. Making that clarification allows you to spend MORE time with the ABUNDANCE that you currently enjoy. So you start to notice the ABUNDANCE of love you have from family and friends, the ABUNDANCE of beautiful clothes in your closet, the ABUNDANCE of awesome yoga classes in St. Pete (substitute something cool about where you live), the ABUNDANCE of food in your refrigerator, the list is endless, you just have to start recognizing and RELISHING it.

WANTING is actually pretty freakin COOL, we just have to get to know her and understand the language she is speaking is not one of words but of FEELINGS.

As always, I appreciate you for taking the time to engage with an open heart and an open mind.


Andrea Dawn

Andrea Behler