Does Your Life Feel "HUM DRUM?"....Here is What You Can Do About It!

Life is composed of beginnings,“in-betweens” and endings. Often times I am blind to the alchemy of the “in-betweens” until the ending arrives. It seems like the excitement of beginnings can often get overshadowed with anxiety and insecurity. On the opposing side of the stick, the endings, end up sparkling with overly shiny memories that tend to be re-played with exaggeration, featuring either the highlights or the lowlights, depending upon the day or my mood!

BUT…what if we could adjust our lenses to hone in on the AWESOME SAUCE of the “in-betweens?” Just like in-between birth and death, we get BREATH or like in-between first and second grade we get SUMMER, or like in-between liquid and ice we get SNOW CONES, or like in-between the hard and soft mattress we get the FIRM mattress, or like in-between depression and mania we get ‘OK-NESS.’ 

The “in-between” is where it’s at! It’s where we have the opportunity to live the MAJORITY of our life from; it’s the time when the gum your chewing on, has the MOST flavor. And maybe it is our job, to learn HOW to ACTUALLY taste what we are currently chewing on, so that we can FEEL the PERFECT consistency to blow some MASSIVE bubbles and enjoy their creation right before our very eyes! 

Maybe our ULTIMATE mission in life is making the every day, hum drum, routine, routines… into a fabulous parade of gratitude and awareness that highlight the HUM of the birds song and the DRUM of our ABLE feet beating along the sidewalk, in front the of our magnificent dwelling, where we get to perform our practiced ROUTINE of walking our best friend of a dog, amongst the palm trees, enshrouded in the scent of Jasmin, and illuminated by another EPIC Florida sunset (or insert something EPIC about where YOU live).

Did you ever hear about the human condition of the 90/10 rule? It explains that the human tendency is to have 90% of life TOTALLY working out and 10% of life showing up as some kind of ‘less than favorable’ contrast. Guess where most of our attention goes? Yup, you guessed it, to the 10%. 

By putting our tunnel vision on that 10%, we are literally searching out the dog poop in the park and then going to sit by it and wondering why life stinks so bad?! We all have some poop in our life, but we do NOT have to hang out with it ALL day, EVERY day! We can totally choose to go swimming in the lake, or climb a tree, or swing on the swing and enjoy life’s “in-betweens.” 

Because what is SEEN in the “in between” will either make us feel like a King or Queen OR like an ‘out of control, miserable teen!’ 

We ALWAYS have the choice between the POOP or the PLAYGROUND, to RELISH the routine or RIDICULE it, to HUM to the drum or plug our ears. I’m not proposing we ignore the 10%; I am proposing that we spend ONLY 10% of our precious time there….and the other 90% with the BUBBLES and the SUNSETS! 

Andrea Behler