The Pioneers of Mankind: Mothers

Mother: the most Sacred Divine word in existence.  

The Mother BEING is the absolute representation of all that is nourishing, gentle, supportive, and loyal.

The Mother is the Keystone of Humanity.

To my mother and all mothers,

THANK YOU.  For it is YOU, who has given me life, and breath, and spirit.  It is YOU, who has held me in your womb, in your arms, in your thoughts, in your worries, in your prayers, and in your HEART.  It is YOU, who so graciously looked at your own life and gifted it to me.  I am humbled beyond the description of words by your silent strength, your endless capacity to give, and your glorious contribution to the good of ALL of humanity.

I SEE you Mother, now let the world see you.  Let the world shine its spotlight down on the IMPORTANCE of YOU and the work that YOU do.  Let us discard the misinformed stereotypes of “stay at home moms” as some kind of luxury.  Being on call 24 hours of every day is NOT a luxury!  Sleepless nights, dirty laundry, endless meals & dishes, tears, boo boo’s, tantrums, discipline, and the responsibility of another human life is deserving of a billion dollar salary.  Let us reform this outrageous attitude that there is ANYTHING more important than raising the children of our future.  

Let the world begin to hold YOU in its arms and provide YOU with the support and nourishment that YOU need to do your life giving, life saving, and life healing work.  Let the world proclaim Mother’s Day as Every Day, because it is.  

Happy Mothers Day. May you know that you are the guiding light in the dark nights, you are the pioneers of mankind, you are the essence of the universe’s soul.  May you stand tall, proud and fearless in the face of all who dismiss you, for it is YOUR unconditional love that will heal us all.

You are beautiful.  You are whole.  You are enough.

Andrea Behler