You Have ARRIVED at Your Destination

Do you remember “treasure hunting” when you were a child?  

Wether it was in the dirt or the sandbox or the bathtub or the crick that ran through your back yard?……I could spend endless hours exploring and uncovering the most beautiful, seemingly exotic “treasures”…..from rocks to leaves to little critters. I can remember when the dirt itself had the power to be mixed with water and become a muddy concoction that had the potential to be ANYTHING I wanted it to be, from a five star dinner to the healing cure of cancer.

Do you remember the last time you went “treasure hunting” as an adult?  

I guess the more direct question is: why do we stop “treasure hunting?”  When did dirt become ordinary and rocks become dull and water become an expectation?  When and why did your marriage become stale or your job become mundane or your entire attitude of life become spiritless?

And maybe it doesn't even matter how or why, but that we realize, somewhere along the way we became a bit numb, we, without realizing it, stepped onto an assembly line and the product being assembled was HUMAN BEINGS.

We bought into the sales pitch that we go to kindergarten to get to first grade and we go to first grade to get to second grade and we ONLY go to second grade to get to third……and holy moly, here we are….. doing this job to get to that job or doing this posture to get to that posture or living this day to get to the next one! 

Our preparation to become the product, took for granted that the preparation is not preparation at all, the preparation is LIFE.  And in all of this preparing, there is no time for “treasure hunting” of course, there is no time to dis cover that YOU ARE THE TREASURE,  that you do not need to prepare to BE the treasure.  And because you already are the treasure, everything you do and say and feel and experience is magical, it is a treasure in itself….EVERYTHING!  

In this recognition the hunt of treasure begins….to “treasure hunt” how something that might feel like a heap of cow dung can actually be a treasure.

So maybe it’s time to step out of the production line, to step out of the “should’s” and the “shouldn’ts,” to step out of a society that is telling you who to be, how to be, what to be, and what to think. To step out of a mindset that conditions you to believe that one day, somewhere out there in futureland, is where the treasure is buried.  The treasure ONLY exists, WHEREVER YOU ARE.  The treasure has been trying to get your attention for years, but of course, you believed it was hidden out there in fourth grade, or fifth grade, or grad school or in this award or in a future bank statement.  

Today we walk off that assembly line.  Today we hunt for the treasure that’s within who you are in this very moment, and what’s happening in this very second.  Today we discard those blasted paper maps from the past and tune into our internal GPS……and we hear, loud and clear….



Andrea Behler