Exfoliate Weekly

What are you afraid of?  What do you fear?  Im going to take a moment, because that’s a heavy question.  

It seems to me, that a great many of us are deathly afraid of death.  Whether it’s death of a loved one, death of self, death of a relationship, death of a pet…..or death in general.  Our culture does not talk much about death, we tiptoe around it as if we are raiding the cookie jar in the middle of the night.  As if not talking about it will make it magically NOT happen.  I’m proposing we bust through this invisible veil and unmask this mystery man known as DEATH.  What does it mean to die?  Usually Merriam Webster and I are on the same page, but I am going to have to disagree with her on this one and start a petition to have the definition of death changed.  For, I don’t believe its as the dictionary quotes: “to cease to live.” 

I think that dying is transforming or transitioning from one “way of being” to another “way of being.”  I think that dying is like the snake shedding its’ skin or the caterpillar transforming into the butterfly.  Maybe with each shedding, with each death, with each unfulfilling relationship we end, or job we walk away from, or bad habit we break, we are getting closer and closer to the light of TRUTH.  Maybe ALL of life is about DEATH.  Maybe we live, so that we can die or transform or transition into the light of TRUTH that lies within each one of us.

My facialist was totally right…..I NEED to exfoliate weekly…..because there is a lot of dead skin just sitting on my face, covering up my brand new, baby soft skin.  My friends, we need to exfoliate our lives weekly, we need to start embracing death, because death equals the light of life….it sounds totally paradoxical…but isn’t all of life?….the death of one thing equals the birth of another.  It’s the new business or the new man or the new adventure, that will all remain buried under our dead skin if we don’t start exfoliating!

No one is proclaiming this to be EASY or painless or carefree, goodness no, it will require us to experience the full gauntlet of emotions and maybe that’s also the point, death will MAKE us FEEL and feeling is essential to LIFE.  And maybe when it’s time to exfoliate this life completely, we can remember that we are only transforming into the light, a light that is so very bright, that for those of us still here on planet it Earth, it would burn our eyes to see.  But even though we can’t see you, we can still FEEL you, because that’s what we are here learning to do.  We are all just feeling our transition into LIGHT of our SOULS.

Om asato ma sadgmamaya

Tams ma jyotir gamaya

Mrityor ma amritam gamaya

Translation: Lead me from the unreal to the real, from darkness to light, from death to immortality.

You are Beautiful.  You are Whole.  Your are Enough.

Andrea Behler