I’ve heard a number of people scoff at the holidays and history behind Christmas and proclaim that either we should be celebrating every day like a holiday OR that the actual history itself is NOT something to celebrate, OR that it’s not inclusive, or it’s exclusive, or it’s intrusive, or obtrusive… whether you agree or disagree, does NOT change the fact that most of the world is acknowledging this time of year as SOMETHING, whether they are celebrating or complaining. 

To me, there is sourceful power about igniting our collective energy to BELIEVE.  To believe in anything greater, regardless of the fine print on your beliefs.  There is an electricity created and magnified in CELEBRATION, an electricity that has the power to heal hearts and bridge gaps between cultures.  What’s wrong with allowing a holiday to simply be a HOLY DAY??  What’s wrong with being reminded to be kind, to do nice things for people you love, or even for strangers?  What’s wrong with gathering your tribe to bless one another, to sing, dance, chant, drink tea, play games, roast chestnuts, collect gelt, light candles, and give gifts?  Did you know that Kwanzza which honors the African heritage has 7 core principles: unity, self-determination, collective responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity, and faith?  I don’t care if I’m not African, my brothers and sisters ARE, and those 7 principles resonate deeper than the pigment of my skin.

Maybe the actual HOLE in HOLY is to realize we’ve been spelling it wrong for all of these years and it’s actually spelled with a ‘wh.’ That to be holy, is to recognize your WHOLENESS and then align your choices from the place within you that is NOT dependent upon other peoples’ opinions about what you do, how you decorate, what party you attend, or how much money you spend on gifts.  It is also NOT dependent upon your mothers approval or your second cousin’s snarky remarks!

Maybe you’ve fallen down the, “OMGoddess there is so little time, and so much to do hole,” or maybe it’s the, “I’m spending money I don't have hole,” or maybe it’s the, “I can’t stand my family and now I have to see them hole”…..All of these holes are ones we choose to participate in falling down.  And YES, there IS A CHOICE, and NO, you do NOT HAVE to bake the 15 pies, go to every party, be the most festive house on the block, buy everyone and their brother a gift, or go to your aunt’s house on X-mas eve.  You DON’T.  

What if instead, you chose to honor the traditions that feel genuine and good.  What if you ONLY went to the parties that feel like your soul tribe, and gave gifts like handwritten cards, or minute long hugs, or picnic lunches in the park with finger paints?  What if you simply stopped doing the things that are not aligned with your heart?!?  And when people ask, or maybe even get upset, you respond honestly, from that same aligned place in your heart, and you tell them that you are consciously making choices WHOLE heartedly and NOT choices filled with holes that are draining your heart.  And I understand that there WILL still be situations, encounters, and conversations that are limited; BUT, would it be possible to make peace with them before they even happen?

The choice might be going to your aunt’s on christmas eve for only 2 hours instead of 6, it might be listening to understand rather than talking to be understood, it might be NOT having that second drink, or allowing others beliefs and opinions to rob you of your peace.  It might EVEN be an excellent hallmark to acknowledge your own spiritual evolution….an opportunity to reflect on the choices you made last holiday season vs. the choices you are making THIS holiday season; an opportunity to be clear about your holi-do’s and your holi-don’ts.  An opportunity to put the WHOLE YOU into this HOLY DAY.

May you connect with the WHOLE YOU.

May this connection be inspiring to ALL that you meet.


Andrea Behler