Did You Know BEETS Cause Delusion?!?

The new year is a distinctive juncture for self examination. The practice of yoga requires self examination, so this makes today a DOUBLE WHAMMY, an excellent opportunity to ask the questions we are often just too busy to ask. “Why are you?  Who are you?  From where do you come?, and Where is it that you are you going?” Today is an occasion to get naked in your mind, to strip down the layers of labels and beliefs that have been stacked and prearranged by OTHER people.  You no longer have to wear that outdated sweater from grandma, or keep the same haircut because your spouse loves it, or adhere to rules created to numb and dumb you into believing you NEED them.  You NO LONGER have to believe the BELIEFS that oppress you with society’s two favorite weapons: GUILT and SHAME.

A very wise man said, “Belief is a bridge between the individual and the crowd and trust is a bridge between the individual and the cosmos.”  

Beliefs have been created by the crowd, by cultures and societies, and they separate you from YOU; they separate you from the KNOWING; they separate you from the actual experience of life itself by coloring the experience with crayons that you did NOT choose.  Beliefs break the bond of trust between you and yourself, so as to keep you on a leash, walking the same safe route for decades.

Beliefs are like beets, they flavor everything they touch.  When eating roasted vegetables with beets, I can no longer experience the true taste of the carrot because it was infected with beet juice, so now, I might believe I don’t like carrots, only, I never got to actually taste the carrot in its true, carrot truth.  So I live my life believing I don’t like carrots and I might even influence other peoples beliefs about the taste of carrots because I have been fooled by the flavor of the: beet belief.

Transitioning from root vegetables back to getting naked….It is only when we find the courage to strip down and burn our old clothes that we can get to the KNOWING itself.  And only YOU can know it, someone cannot know it for you.  They cannot describe to you what velvet feels like, you have to feel it for yourself, otherwise all you TRULY know are words that describe velvet.  Just like someone cannot tell you what GOD is and how spirituality feels, you have to feel it for yourself, because experience is beyond the capability of words.  YOUR DIRECT EXPERIENCE, untainted by dads political stance, free from a prescribed religion, and void of a governments’ agenda is the ONLY path to truth.  

AND HOW EMPOWERING IS THAT?!?!  After all these years of believing that I could only find God in a church or I could only get in touch with spirit, high on ayahuasca, or become an enlightened yogi in an ashram after months of silence in India.  That to touch truth, is to stop buying into everybody else’s experiences and start living my own….that teaching yoga is not about having answers for you, but creating a safe and loving environment for you to have YOUR OWN experience, and that will facilitate YOUR going home and creating environments for your family and children to have THEIR OWN experiences and that will facilitate a world environment where we can co-exist with mutual respect for each others experiences, and of course they would be different, because we are all having DIFFERENT experiences, free from the oppression of a bunch of adjectives that have been pre-packaged into a belief.

So maybe this New Year, you cancel all of your subscriptions, because they are not yours to subscribe to, strip off all of your previous beliefs, and streak completely naked across the bridge of truth, right into the waiting arms of the cosmos!

Happy New Year Friends!

May you discard your beliefs and trade them in for your truths.

May you frolic in the light of those truths.


-Andrea Dawn

Andrea Behler