From the first moment that I dipped my pinky toe into the spiritual world, I have heard the adage that, “everything I need lies within me.”  The promise that I have this, well of wisdom, deep within my being and all of my answers are wading there, literally, wading, with a d and not a t, like in the shallow part of a lake.  And for the longest time, I dismissed this as either, a crock of you know what, OR, I must have been isolating with Ben and Jerry the day THAT well was dug, because the only well within me, was one filled with anger, depression, despair, jealousy, and I’m sure you could chime in with a few of your own, but we’ll cap it there in efforts to NOT make this an all day affair. 

Thank Goddess I stuck around long enough to tap into the WISE and not the DUMB of this piece of WISDOM, and chose, to believe that I could actually be a WIZ of the spirit DOME, instead! 

The most important message in that whole paragraph though, was that I stuck around long enough.  And I whole heartedly believe the TRUTH magnet that is yoga eventually attracts to the TRUTH magnet that is your soul.  Once connected, there is an undeniable intelligence, that reminds me that: I do NOT need one of the billion self help products or programs out there, I do NOT need a guru, I do NOT need to be fixed….. BECAUSE I AM NOT BROKEN!  And in a world where every billboard, commercial, magazine cover, Facebook ad, or IG webinar is telling me that I am, that I need THEM to fix ME, it’s no wonder I bought into the scam that my well is dry and only THEY have the magic water that will fill me up with peace and joy and abundance.

How incredibly Powerful to realize, to see with my REAL EYES, that, I AM THE SPRING; I AM THE SOURCE itself…..and that my inconsistent, diffused, and half hearted attempts to pour bottles of Aquafina or even Fiji water into my well, were like trying to fill up a swimming pool with an eye dropper. 

While I do not subscribe to the agenda of self help and its massive efforts to keep us small, I do 100% subscribe to self development which ultimately means that I am meant to develop myself, in the same way you would shake out a polaroid picture.  The same way that picture becomes more clear with time and exposure, is the very same way my divine nature becomes more clear, with time and exposure.  So to ex pose, meaning: to no longer pose as anything or anyone is to free my authentic self.  It is to understand that by offering up my poses, my secrets, and sicknesses to the light, they no longer have the power to be my dark, to blind me from seeing the path to my well, my source….simply because: they have been exposed to the light!  

And THAT is why yoga is not a promise, it IS a practice, one that you have to stick around long enough to realize with your REAL EYES.  A practice that, graciously, and patiently, offers you helpful tools, a wide and generous array of tools, such as shovels and wands, torches and fairy dust, jack hammers and unicorn horns, all to aid you in your exploration to that ALL mighty, ALL knowing, majestical well, that in fact, does lie within YOU and within ME and within all of humanity.  

Blessed Be!

May you remember that you are made out of love and come from the stars!

Andrea Dawn

Andrea Behler