Tis’ the season of GIVING.  But what if I told you that we’ve really been screwing it up for all these years and Tis’ actually the season of HAVING.  Yep, you heard me right….I am telling you it’s all about the HAVING!

Hear me out before you report me to the yoga police!

What I am really trying to say is that so often, much of our giving is done from a place of guilt, programming, and as a form of conscious and unconscious manipulation.  We have been taught that in order to GET, we must first GIVE, which is all well and great, except that we are GIVING just to GET, which is ultimately a subconscious belief that we are lacking something…..that we need to get something “out there” to make us whole, to fill us up, or to establish our significance amongst family, friends, and society.  Or maybe, that’s NOT the case, and we are GIVING because it genuinely feels good.  If so, I would offer up the consideration that this kind of giving might be falsely providing us with a sense of validation that we are good.  Maybe the real question is: would you still consider yourself GOOD if you took away the “GOOD deed”?  Is your GOODNESS dependent upon something other than your inherent divinity?

Because GIVING is considered a positive trait, it so often gets skimmed over, like a 1960’s record album on a dusty shelf,  in our self observation process….it might receive a checkmark on your “to do” list, like, “donated to charity: check, put some dollar bills in the bucket at Target when Santa was ringing the bell: check, told the Starbucks lady her hair looked pretty: check, BUT rarely does it receive a proper evaluation like: hmmmm, what was my intention behind that giving?  And does that intention align with the highest, most grand goddess version of myself?” 

What if the whole point of GIVING is because you are so damn tuned into your HAVING, that you can’t help but give it away, because it is literally oozing out of your DNA.  AND that’s the thing….it IS!  And when I say IT, what do I mean?  I mean Spirit, God, Jah, Divinity, Source….the actual name is irrelevant. (and I’m really trying not to offend anyone here so just keep imagining a list that goes on and on eventually hits upon whatever name registers for you).  BUT, because we’ve made the name SOOO offensively relevant, the meaning has become just as offensively irrelevant; the whole subject as sensitive as a fingernail being ripped away from the skin.  It seems to me that we have allowed the labeling and fine print to be MORE important than our actual connection to all of CREATION!   

In the yoga/spiritual/self help world there is much emphasis placed on “becoming” and I totally get it, but I’d prefer to think of it this way: I am already IT….so to: BECOME, ACTUALLY means, COME BE.  Just, COME BE, because you can, BE the cause AND you can, BE the effect, of living your life from this place of HAVING You get to BE the gift, HAVE the gift, and GIVE the gift, all day, every day!  And this is totally NOT a message of, you will no longer face hardships or problems, oh, you most definitely will!  BUT, the difference is: that when you live as the gift itself, the wrapping paper is your skin, of which houses the most incredible gift EVER known to man…. an all powerful, all knowing, divine, abundant, empowered, source energy.  Simply believing HAVING this gift as your very nature of being human, empowers your GIVING force to the millionth degree; when the gift comes THROUGH you, rather than forced by you, YOU literally give the gift of GOD. 

PS: If you feel triggered by any of these words referencing God, I encourage you to dive deeper into that feeling.  In the past, for me, God triggered a feeling of guilt, shame, and the feeling that I was being judged by a big “man in the sky.”  Rather than dismiss “God” from your life, it’s time to begin a new relationship with SPIRIT, one that does NOT subscribe to any old, outdated, programs from your past.  Free yourself from ANYONE else’s beliefs.  You ARE creation itself, so there is no need for a subscription.  This connection already lies within you, BUT, you MUST take the time and EFFORT to connect, to open your heart, and to cultivate an AUTHENTIC relationship, which requires your commitment, trust, and attention.


May your holidays be filled with ease, and love, and connection. May they be free of rush, stress, and worry. Remember the only important thing for you to do is: COME BE!

Andrea Dawn

Andrea Behler