From Dust to Dawn

Connection: this single word is the distinction between feeling alive, and feeling dead.

Have you ever felt alone, like really alone, like there are all these people out there swimming in your bird’s eye view, but somehow you are separate from them all, from all of life itself???

I have.  I have felt so alone that I wanted to disconnect, disengage from this earthly plane entirely.  I have felt like the pain and struggle of just being alive was too much to bare, like the silence of my empty house was going to swallow me up, so I had to become so loud with my own thoughts, to simply keep my head above water.  Have you ever felt like each breath was a vain attempt to surface, yet you just kept swallowing more and more water?  First there was panic, then fear, then denial, then depression, then a dullness that appeared to cover all things, all relationships, accomplishments, passions, dreams, and hope like a thick layer of dust you might see on the back of someone’s windshield.  This dullness, this coating of dust is what many, many, of us are living underneath.  We believe that this dust is impenetrable, like it’s opaque, and cannot be wiped away.  We believe that this dust is who we are, we believe we are the separation that lies between the light. 

My friends……DO NOT BELIEVE IT!  DO NOT BE FOOLED!  You are not alone, you are not the dust, not for a second.  I am certainly not trying to take away from the validity of your feeling, because source knows, I feel it too, and it’s sure as hell feels like the most real ‘realness’ there is.  

Did you ever see a message that someone used there finger to wipe on a cars’ dirty windshield?  Clean me.  This message applies to you, to me, to all of us who feel like we are no more significant than a particle of dust.  This message is for us.  Today is the day we see the dust, for what it is, dust, we see that we are not the dust, that we are the light on the other side, that with one swipe of the hand we can return to the light…..ok, well maybe some of us might need some Windex or some 409, but that is what the yoga practice is about.  The practice gifts us with the paper towel and the spray to wipe away the pain of feeling alone, disconnected, the practice carries us from dust to dawn: the awakening.  Look around you my friends, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  We are all here together, to remind each other that everything gets dusty if you do not clean it.  

So I want you to close your eyes now, see your car, or an car, see the dust that has gathered, and now, very clearly, see the words that have been left for you.


Yours Truly,

-the universe.

Andrea Behler