WHY "Let it Go" is Bullshit Advice

Sutra 1.16: When an individual has achieved complete understanding of his true self, he will no longer be disturbed by the distracting influences within and around him. 

Do you ever get TOTALLY enchanted by some spiritual quote or idea, like it gives you the truth bumps, completely resonates, and you are 100% convinced your life is going to do an ABOUT FACE…straight in the direction of your dreams?? Then, two days later, it somehow feels like that was a lifetime ago and you can’t EVEN really remember the concept, much less how to ACTUALLY apply it in your life? 

This sutra is about the ULTIMATE detachment and arriving in Samadhi, where all of your earthly desires have been transcended, now, quite frankly, that feels like a really, REALLY tall order, at least in my world, where I still find myself irritated if there is nothing vegan on the menu, extremely upset if someone doesn’t like me, ruffled by confrontation, and STILL trekking what feels like the uphill mountain to self acceptance. In efforts to make this sutra relevant and useful, let’s dive deeper into the pool of NON-ATTACHMENT shall we?

We are constantly barraged with the just “LET IT GO” advice, hell, even Disney took the bait….cue the theme song from Frozen. Now, if you are anything like me, the moment I am told to go RIGHT, I go LEFT, if authority says NO, then I say YES…not on purpose of course, I think we are all a bit that way…..OR we are triggered by the person giving the advice and then start the EVEN more unhelpful dialogue in our mind that may sound something like…..YOU are telling ME to let it go, REALLY, well I don’t see YOU LETTING GO of that shitty job you’ve complained about for the last ten years straight. So for contradictions sake, let’s be contrary…..why don’t we give “LETTING GO” of “LETTING GO,” a go!

Why don’t we travel down the road less traversed and “LET IT GO…ON?!” This will do one of two things, either, you will realize, you don’t ACTUALLY NEED to LET IT GO because by NOT giving it SO much of your attention, it will lose its power over you and you can simply LET IT DIE….like a balloon deflating, because it was YOUR oxygen that gave it life in the first place…. OR, the pain will become EVEN more sharp, the struggle EVEN more unbearable….like when you pick up a hot pan from the oven with no hot mitts on, you don’t stand around and wait for someone to walk in and tell you to, “LET IT GO”….you drop it, IMMEDIATELY, right there on the spot, with absolutely NO internal dialogue whatsoever, because it freakin hurts! Because it’s MORE painful to hold on then to LET GO.

So next time you find yourself unable to LET GO of something, whether its worrying about a parents health, your kids grades, 5 extra pounds, or the annoying chewing sounds your partner makes. DON’T. LET IT GO…ON. The very decision to STOP trying so damn hard to make our round world fit into a square box, might very well be the RELEASE you’ve been searching for all along! 

Here’s the thing, all action is NOT created equal, all trying is NOT fruitful, and your will is NOT always willing for your highest good. 

Allow life to happen, not TO you, but THROUGH you. Remove the filters of your past, so that your actions can be inspired, not by the sheer muscle of your DESIRES, but by the PURE POTENTIAL of your DIVINE PRESENCE.

Sometimes we get caught up in so much “efforting” that we forget the universe is on our side.

So very appreciative for your time and open mind.

May your heart and mind be at ease,


Andrea Dawn

Andrea Behler