Why BINGE Eating is Healthy!!

As we continue our investigation into truth, which can only come from WITHIN, distinct from belief, which comes from WITHOUT, radical inquiry surfaced as a tool with the power to aid in dis covering our own unique truths. The yogic practice of Pratipaksha bhavana arises as an effective technique to refine this tool of inquiry. Pratipaksha bhavana is the practice of: being mindful of opposites. Pratipaksha translates as ‘opposite’ and bhavana as ‘contemplation’ or ‘meditation.’ So the suggestion is that if we want to know about something, we look into the opposite of that somethingAnd I say INTO, because the opposite does not lie in the OTHER DIRECTION; the opposite lies on the OTHER SIDE, of which you can only get to, by going THROUGH. Like, you might have to go through incessant, meaningless talking to finally understand the magic found in the infinite space of silence. Or, you might have to sail on Captain Morgan’s ship for a year only to realize you were really anchored the whole time and never even left the port, or, you might have to binge out on Micky D’s double cheeseburgers to appreciate what health feels like and that you don’t actually want to eat cows anymore. 

The freedom in the practice of Pratipaksha is that you you don’t LITERALLY binge out on the talk or the food or the drink, instead, you intentionally binge out on the thought, you flow with its bizarre twists and turns until you reach the other side. So rather than shun it, shame it, and shoo it away, you befriend it, invite it to dinner and dancing…. you see in your mind, all the potential ramifications that ACTING on that thought would very likely lead to. You follow the thought of that incessant talking ALL THE WAY to the other side of lost friendships, broken by indiscriminate gossip. You follow that one glass of wine too many, ALL THE WAY to the other side of NOT making your dreams come to fruition. You follow that cheeseburger, ALL THE WAY to the other side of the heart attack and the cancer.

By entertaining your thoughts with compassion, your mind is given the permission slip to take direction from your heart. This is the GOLDEN TICKET where your heart can then anoint itself as the LEADER and align with a thought that would better serve you. It’s like you don’t even need to politely ask the cheeseburger to leave the table, he just gets up and walks away and before you even have a chance to ask him to stay, a curry quinoa veggie stir fry sits down.

So, if you are having a re-occurring, disturbing thought, if you are haunted by an addiction, if you live in a constant state of worry or fear, the answer to your disturbance is NOT going to be found on Netflix or in a pub, the answer is NOT going to be found in another piece of cake or in fixating on your work, your home, or your children. No, the answer is ONLY going to be found on the OPPOSITE side of the disturbance itself.  

If we want to understand something that is arising within us, we have to be willing to inquire within, to graciously set the table with our finest china and invite ALL of the outcasts, demons, and dragons to the dinner party, not with cynicism or righteousness, but with humility and open arms. Why? Because we ALL just want to be seen, to be heard, and to be acknowledged. That twisted, funky, distorted crew sitting around your table is ACTUALLY your FREEDOM in disguise….your freedom, which lies on the opposite side of the mask. So here’s your invitation to HOST my friends, make it a Facebook event, send out the E-vite, whatever you have to do, to set the date and commit to ALL OF YOU, not just the one who wears the pretty side of the mask…..

For this is the dinner party of your DESTINY.

Thank you so much for taking the time to engage.

Consider your dis eases a doorway to your DESTINY!


-Andrea Dawn

Andrea Behler