The Correlation Between Google and Mental Illness

In yoga, transformation is called Parinama. Today I want to declare Transformation as the Anthem for HUMAN BEINGS and by Transformation I really mean, the TRUTH OF CREATION. Transformation is quite literally a: transfer of information, this transfer happens not only in your head, but in your heart as well. Because you are always ‘in-formation,’ for you are not a static form, you are constantly being given the opportunity to receive information that you were previously unaware of, absorb it into your being and allow it to move through you. This movement often changes HOW you experience the world… Which reminds me of the famous quote by Anais Nin: “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as WE are.”

Santa Claus was VERY REAL at one stage in my life until there was a transfer of information and then a few years rolled by, and I began to base my intelligence level on: made up letters of the alphabet and that felt VERY REAL, and then a few more years rolled by, and letters no longer mattered BUT zero’s DID, and HOW MANY zero’s became even MORE important and that felt VERY REAL, just as REAL were the numbers placed before the abbreviation lbs. on a scale, and with a few more years, the imaginary lines around a plot of land became VERY REAL and somehow defined my status level amongst my peers…

And WHOA…..

When we step back and look at what we have in our minds made REAL….it’s quite comical and tragic all at the same time. Comical in the sense that google is a common word in our vocabulary…just the word itself…google…. google (say it a few times and try not to giggle), most of us don’t even know how we lived before we had INSTANT pocket access to consult this magical ‘googley' kingdom which beholds all information… and TRAGIC in the sense that people literally die for imaginary lines drawn in the sand….think about it…REAL people die, for imaginary lines, REAL people base there self-worth on made up letters of the alphabet, REAL people starve themselves over numbers on a scale, and REAL people jump off bridges because of zero’s or lack there of.

The practice of yoga is asking you to transform outdated and ridiculous correlations like the letters of the alphabet equaling the level of your intelligence or the quantity of zero’s in your bank account equaling the level of your happiness, into relevant correlations aligned with your heart, with your honor, and with your integrity. 

It’s just like updating your computer or your phone…. yoga is asking you to look at WHERE you place the value in your life and then observe if your choices are a true reflection of those values. Are they congruent to the highest version of yourself? And if they are NOT, recognize that LIFE is asking you to LEVEL UP, to plug into your POWER SOURCE and reboot. 

Simple as: if you SAY you value relationships and family, but you are never home and always at work, there is a discrepancy and that discrepancy is going to cost you: your peace. When your heart speaks but your body and mind REPEATEDLY REFUSE to listen, there is ABSOLUTELY going to be an internal battle waging within. And maybe that’s what we are witnessing when we watch the news or feel downtrodden at the state of our environment….a simple reflection…our outside world is a reflection of our inside world…and so it would seem that most of us have world war 3 raging within….

If we want our outside world to transform, step number one is to transform our inside world. So whose ready to join me in waving the white flag, in surrendering to the inevitable growing pains, in prioritizing plugging into SOURCE on the daily, and to singing The Song of TRANSFORMATION, or (THE TRUTH OF CREATION) as your new daily anthem?!?!

May you remember that shining the light into the dark means it’s no longer dark.

Blessed BE!

-Andrea Dawn

Andrea Behler