SUTRA: 1.3: Then the seer abides in itself, resting in its true nature, also known as self-realization.

Perhaps that is why we are here….to SELF REALIZE. To SEE the REAL self with our own eyes, to make REAL in the physical world what we already know in the unmanifest world. So we have come here then, to simply EX-perience the IN-sperience.  Maybe, we have been gifted the ‘mind tool’ to see through as a kind of looking glass. Since our eyes are attached to our own face we can’t ever REALLY see ourselves, only a reflection of ourself with the help of a mirror, of course. This mirror can be likened to the mind. We can understand that when the mirror is dirty, the dirt is on the mirror and NOT on our ACTUAL face. And if it were that straight forward, we would simply wipe away the dirt to gaze into the magnificence of our own divine nature, illuminated with: a halo made of stardust….. for what we would see is the unchanging LIGHT that is the infinite LOVE of our hearts. 

What seems to be the more common experience is: when looking into the mirror, we believe the dirt as the truth of our reflection. We see crooked noises, ghastly blemishes, crows feet, and deep wrinkle lines across the forehead. We see and re-see past follies, wrongdoings, and pain. So we keep on looking only to find CHILDHOOD TRAUMA, ABUSE, and ABANDONMENT cloaked in the emotions of ANGER, REGRET, and SHAME at which point DEFLECTION, ADDICTION, and IGNORANCE present themselves like a buffet of irresistible ice cream toppings to include but are not limited to whip cream, cookie dough, and rainbow sprinkles.

The misunderstanding arises because we have been trained, like soldiers, to observe ONLY that which is moving and changing. And of course, we see what we are looking for…IGNORED, is the quiet, the still, and the unchanging. It’s kind of like believing that the piano is the same thing as the sound of the music coming out of it. Depending upon what chords are being struck, how hard, and in what order, the sound might be heavenly or dreadful…..either way, we must realize we are not the song, nor the lyrics, and quite often not even the composer. The tunes being played will range from happy to sad, monotonous to momentous, Billy Joel to Billy Idol, Dean Martin to Eminem, Dolly Parton to Pink. No, we are not the song, but we DO get to listen, sing along, hit the high notes, and cry with the low ones. We ARE the piano my friends. And maybe our time here on Earth is simply about making sure we keep ourselves “in tune” so to say, so that when the songs do play, because they will, whether happy or sad, triumphant or defeated, they are of clear sound. Meaning: we the piano, are not confusing the melody and lyrics with clarity and your own self worth.  We the piano, become so very clear in our own opportunity to hear every single one of those songs being played as the WITNESS, in awe, in grace, and in gratitude that we have box seats for the concert of our lives.


Blessed BE!

Andrea Dawn

Andrea Behler