Are You a Destination Junkie?

Remember that childhood song, “the wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round, the wheels on the bus go round and round all through the town.” 

Well, what if the wheels are like our thoughts and our mind is like the town, and so you can imagine our thoughts aimlessly rolling around the town all day long only to be distracted and mislead by the wipers on the bus “swish swishing,” the doors on the bus “opening and closing,” the horns “beep beeping,” the babies “wah wahing,” and the drivers “shush shushing”…..all this and we didn't even step off the bus!  

And that’s just it, it seems we are always looking to get off the bus, to search the outside world for what only exists in the inside world.  If our thoughts are the wheels, then we need to get to the axle, not the town!  Except for those horns are REALLY loud and the shops are SUPER inviting, and the new l-watch is SOOO rad and there is no shortage of incredible, horrible, and indifferent distractions literally calling your name….literally… how does Facebook know I like that pair of shoes??!!

But it’s all about the axle.  The axle is the fixed, unchanging light of purusha (the true SELF).  As long as I’m looking out the window of the bus for my next destination, or listening to the gossip and opinions being spewed by the women seated in front of me, as long as I am focused on what is outside of me, I will ride that bus for the rest of my life, totally convinced that the next stop will bring me the fulfillment I so desire.

It might look really weird to other people when we get off the bus and instead of heading to a shop or a landmark, we crawl underneath the bus to examine the wheels.  It might seem strange that we want to get all dirty and greasy and contort ourselves in uncomfortable positions to get a better look.

The thing is, once we learn how to use our wrench and discover the axle, once we experience even a glimmer of the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE that lives inside there, we won’t care!!!  It won’t matter what ANYONE thinks, because the incessant thinking was the reason we sat on that bus for so damn long in the first place, when all along, we just needed to crawl underneath it!

Yoga is crawling underneath the bus.  Yoga is cutting through the grease and discomfort.  Yoga is the wrench.  And YOU are the axle.  YOU are the unconditional LOVE that is so patiently waiting for yourself to get off the bus and crawl underneath!

Andrea Behler