Death is NOT the END

Death is not the end.  Nor is it the beginning.  Death is transformation, the melding of what was, into what will be; it is the pouring of the foundation for something New.

Unfortunately and fortunately I was privy to the horrifying specifics of my father’s death.  I refuse to dance around it, to shove his suffering underneath the couch cushions with the stale crumbs and abandoned change.  I refuse to closet my suffering into misguided channels through which only more suffering and low vibration are bound to manifest.  This leaves me standing face to face in the bright light of day, ready to expose the mystery man of death himself.  I want to rip the mask from his face.  I want to rip the mask from his face because I don’t want to fear him anymore.  Because I AM TIRED of feeling AFRAID. 

I spent the last year of my life in FEAR.  Every single time my my cell phone dinged, I was scared to look at the message, I was scared death was going to happen and I would NOT be there, scared death was going to happen and I WOULD be there,  I was scared of what my dad was going to feel, of where he was going to go, scared of what death was going to look like, scared of CANCER and scared of myself in the face of it all.

Now that mask has slowly and painstakingly been peeled away and death has revealed herself.  I do believe that despite what I witnessed, she (death) is meant to be beautiful.  And for now that beauty lies beyond the capacity of my current senses and my eyes have not yet found the appropriate lens to adjust to her all encompassing light.

I do believe that we are ALL in the process of transformation ALL the time.  For my dad: from limited to infinite, from earth to heaven.  For me: from fearful to trusting.

What about for you?  What from your past needs to be poured into the foundation for the evolution of your transformation into the YOU that YOU are meant to be.


Andrea Behler