Live YOUR dream

Do you ever feel lost, or like, “what’s the point?”, or maybe you have come to that place of “is this all there is?”.  Don’t worry, you are not alone.  Many of us feel or have felt this way.  I sure as shit have, like to the point that I really did not want to be alive anymore, I know that sounds just awful, but I would daydream about the peace that would come from not being in my own head anymore.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE my friend.  

I am just like you, and you are just like me, and if I changed my life, you can change yours too!

Four years ago I quit a 10 year career in fast paced Philadelphia, to move to an island and pursue my dreams of living a life free of being someone else’s bitch, of having to show up and report to someone else, and compromise my truths so that I could please someone else’s idea of education (I taught elementary school).  All I knew is that I wanted to teach yoga and create.  I had no fucking idea, how I would do it, or what I was going to create, or how I was going to make money.  I didn’t know the how, I couldn’t even see the how, all I knew was the WHY.  And that WHY gave me courage I didn’t know I had, courage to leave all that I knew, courage to start a new career, courage to believe that my life matters, and that it is my responsibility to make it matter.  

 So, I’m not telling you to quit your job and move to an island (although you might want to try it!)….actually island life is hard, sooooo many luxuries we don’t even notice here on the mainland, like electricity to name just one!!  Anyway, back to my point, which is to start believing that life DOES NOT have to be a certain way.  

You DO NOT have to fulfill other peoples expectations of what THEY think YOUR life should look like…their expectations are their problem…not yours. Period.  End of story. 

You will not live forever. Fact: you are going to die.  I know, that’s not something we actually integrate into the way we live our lives, but it’s true.  I don’t know of anyone who has lived forever so far.  So if you are going to die anyway, why not make this life fucking outstanding. 

Because whether you believe it or not, YOU ARE OUTSTANDING. 

Start to ask yourself, what do I wantWhat do I want my day to look like? What is important to me?  Moving around to different places has helped me to understand what I value, like, it’s a priority for me to live somewhere where I can ride my bike ALL THE TIME.  I don’t want to drive, I don’t like cars, and I have no interest in getting into one every day of my existence.  Fresh affordable food is important to me.  What I put into my body actually makes up my physical being, so I want raw, whole foods available to me all day, every day.  I really don’t like  to wear shoes….I know this sounds silly to have as a priority, but it’s true for me, I want to be barefoot 98% of my day.  I don’t want to be cold EVER.  I want to feel the sun and warmth on my skin everyday of my life.  I don’t believe that any of this is selfish.  And I also believe that I DESRVE this and so do you!  

You deserve to enjoy your life…. 

And that is key my friend.  You must believe that you are worthy, that you DESERVE to feel joy, to experience a physical manifestation of your desires….that is why we are here, on this physical plane; it is our playground, but many of us have made it into our hell.  I lived in that hell in my head for a long time.  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.  The time to start honoring what you want is now.  It does not have to be this major move or change of career, it might be that you start to enjoy your morning cup of coffee instead of giving yourself shit because you have been told by the outside world that caffeine is ‘bad.’  It might be that you don’t cook dinner for your family one night per week because you have made it a priority to go to your favorite yoga class, or you are having dinner with your girlfriends.  You get me? Start today.  Start to align your choices and actions to your truths.   

After Dawn was born because I dared to dream, because I refused to act out the script of somebody else’s play.  After Dawn is a testament to what it means to reprogram, to wake up to the fact that we get to choose to program ourselves with kindness and compassion.  I seriously want to pinch myself, because I can’t even believe that After Dawn is growing, and welcoming a new member to the family.  Her name is Cynthia Mitchell and she is pure light.  Cynthia is the definition of After Dawn and I could not have hand selected another person in this entire universe that would help me to lift After Dawn to a vibration that will send ripples of love around the world.  

The universe brought Cynthia and I together on that tiny little island of St. Thomas, where we would sit and day dream about retreats and ceremonies, and changing the world through yoga.  She is my soul sister and we always knew, that one day, we would create together but we also knew that our journeys were different and that we had to live them out until the universe decided it was time, and that we were ready for this collaboration.  That one day is here, from St. Thomas to St. Pete!  Get ready for stellar jewelry collections, more festivals, retreats, ceremonies, online courses, a utube channel, blogs, and more!

I have always dreamed of creating a brand that represents “a way of being,” of being free of what society says we need to be.  I have dreamed of living my life, on my terms, leading with my heart, full of love and free of force

 I am now stepping into a life I once believed was impossible, a life that is not determined by the hour on the clock, that includes a day filled with yoga, meditation, creating, laughing, sharing, and uniting a group of like minded women who will lift each other and the world up.  

Now it’s your turn.  Lie down, close your eyes, and imagine, what does your dream life look like?  And then dare to dream, that dreams come true.  

You are Beautiful.  You are Whole.  You are Enough.

From my heart to yours,

Andrea Dawn

Andrea Behler